The importance of an 8th graders awesome candidate impressions

The internet fell in love with this 8th grader, Jack Aiello, who brilliantly impersonate the presidential candidates during his graduation speech from Thomas Middle School in the Chicago area.

“Politics has been something he’s been interested in for several years,” explained the boy’s father, John to ABC News. “He’s always been good with impressions, so while watching along with his mom and I, he picked up phrases and mannerisms of the candidates.”

Aiello, who combined his love of politics and impressions to deliver one of the most memorable videos of this election, highlights the importance of talking to your kids about politics.

Like it or not, politics is everywhere. Either you talk to you kids about the candidates or someone else will, be it a teacher, fellow students, or the whip-lash causing commentary of television news.

We all know children are like a sponge, they absorb everything. Parents need to ensure children are learning the correct lessons from this presidential election. Ask them questions to help them think critically and learn different perspectives. You can make it as simple (What does the President do? Learn about electoral college) or as complicated (policy difference between the candidates) as you’d like. Here are some ideas, lesson plans and printables: hereherehere and here.

We applaud the Aiello family for talking to their son about politics and making it a family experience. We hope more families use this crazy election to talk about politics and government to their kids.


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