My Family Reunited Thanks to Google and an Old Blog Post

In 2009 I wrote a Father’s Day blog post honoring all the dad’s in my life – my father, grandfathers and great-grandfathers, including my mom’s father Apolinar Rodriguez Rozan. Little did I know that the blog post would spark a cross-Atlantic family reunion between my mom, uncle and their long-lost sister, Fanny.

PICTURED (My cousin Beatriz, my mom Bettina, my aunt Fanny and my uncle Jose)

For years I had heard about my grandfather’s first daughter, a child he had from a relationship when he was young man in his native Spain (Pravia, Asturias, España). My mom had always yearned to connect with this mysterious sister but little was know about her.

Then one day the power of the internet helped our family connect the hidden dots…

In August of 2012 I got a message from a woman named Beatriz saying that we might share a grandfather, Apolinar Rodriguez Rozan. She had googled his name hoping to find out more information about her family tree and  up came my blog post. She promptly emailed me and explained her story, assuming I had never heard about her or her family. I was elated and quickly responded and told my mother who was overcome with joy. A relationship was developed and a life long family mystery was solved.

This week Beatriz and her mother Fanny Cuervo traveled from Spain to Miami, Florida, USA to meet their American family. For the first time in Fanny’s long life she hugged her younger brother and sister and finally learned more about a father she never met.

One simple blog post has connected my family and helped heal some open wounds. Though my aunt will never get to know her father (he died over 20 years ago) she has created a relationship with her brother, sister, nieces and nephew all who love her and are excited to know her and her family.


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