Republican PAC Launches Pro-Immigration Ads Supporting Senator Graham

Today from Politico’s morning score, they report on a new ad from Republicans for Immigration Reform supporting Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Republicans for Immigration reform: $60,000, TV and cable (statewide in S.C.; March 13-19).Charlie Spies, co-founder and treasurer of Republicans for Immigration Reform: “Senator Lindsey Graham understands that immigration plays an integral role in the way South Carolinians work, live and do business. With Sen. Graham’s support, Republicans can lead the way on a comprehensive immigration reform package that modernizes the laws and encourages economic expansion, competition, and job creation in South Carolina and across the country.”

Recently we reported how Republicans For Immigration Reform were ready to get very involved this cycle and provide cover to Republicans supporting passage of a real solution for immigration.


1 Comment

  1. Graham is such a politician! He knows how to get elected though, you have to give him credit for that. Is there any serious competition for him in his next election?

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