A Look At ALL the Languages of the US (MAP)

A quick visual that America is truly a diverse nation of immigrants. This map illustrates the top language, other than English, spoken at home in each county in the country. No surprise, Spanish is the most popular second language in the U.S. Thanks to Washington Post’s The Fix, who like us, is obsessed with maps.

“Who knew that Italian was so popular in a county in southeastern Montana? Or that French was so prevalent in all of Maine? Or that Scandanavian (Norwegian, Swedish etc.) was the prevalent second language in the northernmost points of North Dakota and Minnesota? The map serves as (yet another) reminder that most of all politics is (still) local.”


The map comes courtesy from the Sunlight Foundation. (Click the map to see a bigger image on their site.)

Wish I could see which is the second most spoken language in each county. I’m pretty sure we would see a spike in Asian languages.


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