GOP Super PAC Set To Play In GOP Primaries Support Pro-Immigration Republicans

carlos-GutierrezA new GOP SuperPAC  is providing support to pro-immigration Republicans and is ready to play in GOP primary races to support their top issue.

Led by by former US Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez, the Super PAC, Republicans for Immigration Reform, (RIR) sent a signal to GOP legislators mulling over immigration bills that RIR will support pro-immigration Republican candidates, and will place close attention as the lawmakers focus on the 2014 mid-term elections. Incumbent GOP legislators who take a hard line on the issue

RIR’s, whose mission is to “provide political support for Republican candidates that advance common-sense solutions to address the nation’s broken immigration system,”  is co-founded by Charles Spies, co-founder of Restore Our Future, the pro-Romney super-PAC, which raised $152 million.

The Hill reports:

“We focus primarily on ‘take the vote now and we’ll support you.’ Those who don’t take the vote who get attacked by primary challengers who would have voted for it — that’s a very interesting question,” he said. “That’s also a possibility.”

Gutierrez said he would have no qualms about attacking primary challengers to pro-reform Republicans.

“If someone has voted for immigration reform and gets a primary challenger, we’ll go after them. We’ll go after challengers,” he said.

“We want to give cover to Republicans who want to vote for it — we’re going to be out there exercising our right of freedom of speech if someone attacks them from the right in a primary.”

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