Why Is This Guy In Congress? — Democrat Congressman Praises Chavez

Hours after Venezuelan President Dictator Hugo Chavez passed away Democratic Congressman José  Serrano (NY) sent a tweet praising the oppressive leader. Serrano worked with Chavez to bring Venezuelan heating oil to the South Bronx. Buzzfeed first reported the tweet from the Rep. Serano – “Democratic Congressman Praises Hugo Chavez In Death”


It’s insulting that a Democrat Congressman, sworn to protect and defend the United States and our Constitution, would praise the authoritarian ruler Hugo Chavez.

Chavez, who was unapologetically un-American, fostered strong relationships with Americas enemies, aiding state sponsors of terrorism including Iran, Lybia, Syria and Cuba. He created a bloc of leftist Latin American regimes united by a hatred for America and a strongly anti-capitalist vision. Chavez used Venezuela’s oil resources to provide financial assistance to rogue regimes and financially support tyrannical leaders in the region and around the globe.

In addition to aiding American enemies, Chavez oppressed his people. Chavez systematically cracked down on the basic freedom and liberties of Venezuelans and nationalized private industries and personal property. He took over the media and created a system of patronage and corruption to peddle his influence. Chavez took over every branch of government, the courts and the military in order to have total rule over the Latin American nation.

He used his personal story to connect with the poor but his government did little to improve the financial situation of Venezuela. The nation’s economy is in disarray. He did little to reduce long term poverty. Crime in Venezuela has risen, including in the poor neighbors. He leaves the country in a complete mess, in more ways than one.

Read more about Hugo Chavez:



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