STUDY: Hispanics, Blacks Use Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest at Higher Rate

A new study from Pew Research looks at who uses social media and found the minorities have a higher use of social networking platforms compared to their white counterparts. This latest study on the state of social media is the first reportable data of Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr allowing comparison among demographics – white, African-Americans and Hispanics. Among the most popular social sites Hispanics and Blacks over-indexed as social network users.

The breakdown for:


16% of all Internet users use Twitter


Men – 17%

Women – 15%



White – 14%

Black – 26%

Hispanic – 19%


15% of all internet users use Pinterest


Men – 5%

Women – 25%


White – 18%

Black – 8%

Hispanic – 10%


13% of all internet users use Instagram


Men – 10%

Women – 16%


White – 11%

Black – 23%

Hispanic – 18%


6% of all internet users use Tumblr


Men – 6%

Women – 6%


White – 6%

Black – 5%

Hispanic – 8%

Read the full report at Pew Research.

While Facebook is the most used social media website (67% of internet users), the report did not release race/ethnicity specific data. A 2009 study found that white and Asian-Americans over indexed on Facebook. The company is making changes to attract a more diverse user base.

In 2011 Pew Hispanic released a study on Hispanic use of the internet – “Latinos and Digital Technology”. Other reports define Hispanics as early adopters of social media and outpace other demographic groups in the United States in the use of social networking sites. Check out this blog post from 2011 for more.



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