CPAC 2012: Live from Radio Row

Power Play is live from the 2012 Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington D.C.

Talking to activist and conservative leaders from across the country, Alicia and I are excited about all the great interviews we did on CPAC’s Radio Row. Among some of our fascinating guests:

ACU Chairman Al Cardenas – Our newest LUCHADOR, Chairman Cardenas talks about his journey from a kid from Cuba to leader of the conservative movement.

Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack (R-CA) – The Congresswoman talks about women in politics, the role of women in the conservative movement and the changing demographics of California.

David Bossie, President, Citizens United – Gives us the behind the scenes story of the famous case, Citizens United v. FEC, which opened the door for Super PACs in 2012 and changed American politics forever.

Grover Norquist, President, Americans for Tax Reform – talks taxes, CPAC, the direction of the conservative movement, 2012 politics and update on the current Capitol Hill debate.

Javier Manjarres, Editor, – Last years Blogger of the Year, El Sharko himself, gives us his take on the presidential race, Florida politics and his own winner and losers.

Laura Ramirez Drain, President, Hispanic Vote – The newest Super PAC, Hispanic Vote, kicks off operations at CPAC. Laura tells us more about the direction of the organization and goals it this super political season.

Sam Rosado, Contributor, Misfit Politics – The New Jersey native and blogger gives us his take on CPAC.


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