Latino Will Ferrel, Another Example Hispanic Culture Becoming Mainstream

American comedian and overall funny man Will Farrel is promoting his new movie role playing Mexican Armando Alvarez, a role in which he only speaks Spanish!

The comedy, Cade de mi Padre, melds a Western action movie and a overly dramatic Spanish telenovela. It joins Farrel with popular Mexican actors Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna as well as the movie love interest, Miami’s Génesis Rodríguez, all speaking Spanish (and features English subtitles).

Ferrell’s Armando Alvarez, who’s been running the ranch of his father for many years, but in recent times they have encountered financial problems. When his younger brother Raul (Diego Luna) shows up promising the benefits of his business ability, things start looking up for Armando. But then there’s an unfortunate love triangle between the two brothers and Raul’s fiancee Sonia (Genesis Rodriguez), and it turns out that Raul has some rather dodgy business contacts, not least of whom is Gael Garcia Bernal’s terrifying gangster Onza.

The movie is another example on how Latino culture is becoming mainstream, even if it’s an over dramatic, ridiculous telenovela characterization of itself. Watch the movie trailer below, in what I believe is a song performed by Ferrell himself. The trailer promises the film will be filled with “passion, adventure, intrigue, betrayal, sex, danger, romance, guns, cigarettes, special effects and slaps” and a whole bunch of  ridiculousness. The movie is set for release on March 16.


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