Gingrich Aims To Capitalize On Relationship with Latino Community

Seven years ago Newt Gingrich hired Sylvia Garcia to head his efforts to connect with members of the Hispanic Community. Since then Garcia has been instrumental in helping the former Speaker of the House with various projects including setting up a Spanish site of in 2005, translating two of his books and DVD on Pope John Paul II, host a Hispanic conference and launch a popular conservative web site for Latinos called

Now Gingrich, who learned to speak Spanish, is hoping to capitalize his long-standing relationship with the Latino community into votes for his presidential bid.

The Daily Caller writes “Gingrich campaign works to translate Hispanic ties into votes,” and examines Gingrich’s campaign efforts to court Latino voters.

“…Gingrich, Garcia said, has been having regular round table discussion with Hispanic business and religious leaders at least since 2006, and that the campaign has a Spanish-language campaign website, NewtPresidente, along with a Spanish language Facebook page and Twitter feeds. His religious conversion is also often highlighted when reaching out to Catholic and Evangelical Hispanics.

“Hispanic inclusion is front-and-center in this campaign,” Garcia said. “It’s always been front-and-center in messaging for Newt, and the communication to the Hispanic community has always been important to him.”

“I think that’s really where he can differentiate himself from the other candidates,” she continued.

Garcia also hopes Hispanic voters can make a difference for Newt in the upcoming primaries.

“I think one of the biggest mistakes Republican campaigns have made in the past has been to ignore the Latino vote for the primaries,” she said, adding that it’s a good way to earn their trust and build a “sincere relationship” before the general election.

“Newt’s position on immigration and Latino issues is important, and it’s unique, and we think it’s important to talk [about],” Carli Dimino, Gingrich’s New Hampshire inclusion director, told TheDC in the campaign’s bustling Granite State headquarters in Manchester…”

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