My Very Americano Thanksgiving – Part Two

Happy Thanksgiving!!

This was my first Thanksgiving outside of Miami and away from my very loud and lively Latin family. But, that didn’t stop me from bringing a little Miami to my California Thanksgiving. My mother came to visit for the long holiday weekend, and as usual, brought enough Latin spice and pizzazz that I could recreate South Beach in my living room.

The exciting (and nerve wrecking) part of this Thanksgiving, was that I had to make all the food (with a little help from mom). It was quite adventure. One that I documented, at least for its comedic factor. Here are some photos from the international gastronomical odyssey.

As I wrote in Part One, this Thanksgiving meal featured standard American favorites and  with homage to our Cuban-Mexican-Spanish-Italian-Irish heritages.

The making if the Italian meat stuffing, a tradition in my boyfriends family, was in itself an adventure. The hand-held meat grinder I bought to grind up all the meat didn’t work. It literally dissembled in my hands. So, I used some technology, my electronic food processor. This made grinding the ham, salami, pepperoni, eggs, cheese and crackers a breeze.

After tweaking the recipe and cooking for several hours I made a crispy authentic Italian stuffing. Pictures were sent to his family in Boston and met with approval. I was proud of my culinary achievement.


Next up, the pavo…. bring on the guajalote.

I started working on the turkey on Wednesday night placing it in a very Cuban marinade which I bought at the local Mexican grocery store. See Part One. This was my first turkey and with help from mom, it came out great!!


My mom made el congri. I decided not to stuff the turkey with in congri as she is a vegetarian and I wanted her to enjoy in her Latin masterpiece. I boiled some yams, steamed some green beans and spent eight hours making butternut squash soup.


To say the least I was happy it was over and we could chow down and eat. We did stop mid afternoon to enjoy the half time show at the Dallas-Dolphins game featuring Pittbul and Enrique Iglesias.

Now, I don’t have to cook again for a few weeks!!


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