Herman Cain: “How do you say delicious in Cuban?” (VIDEO)

During Herman Cain’s stop in Miami the GOP Presidential candidate made another “metida de pata,” (translation: gaffe). While drinking Cuban coffee and eating croquetas during a photo-op in front of Versailles Restaurant, the epicenter of the Cuban-American political community, Cain asked “How do you say delicious in Cuban?”

Well, there is no “Cuban” language per say, as Cubans speak Spanish. Which is the official language of Cuba and most of Latin America.

The lastest Cain gaffe adds to concerns of the candidates grasp of foreign policy. The L.A. Times reports:

Asked by Miami Herald reporter Marc Caputo what he thinks of the “wet-foot, dry-foot” policy that allows Cubans who reach U.S. soil to stay, Cain was stumped.

“The wet-foot, dry-foot policy?” Cain asked, as if he had never heard of it.

“Yeah,” Caputo replied, but he got no response from Cain before the conversation was cut off by a campaign aide.

When asked at an earlier event about his position on Cuba, Cain replied: “One of my principles is, go to the source closest to the problem, you will find the solution,” Cain said. “…I want to get from Cuban leaders a solution for what we should do.” …

The former pizza chain executive who markets himself as “a businessman, not a politician,” told a crowd gathered at Versailles restaurant in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood that he wants “freedom for Cuba now!” but stopped short of denouncing Cuba’s communist government, according to a Reuters report.

Asked by a reporter what he thought of Obama’s policy to ease travel restrictions to Cuba, Cain dismissed the inquiry as a “gotcha question.”

These latest reports comes as a surprise, as Cain should be knowledgeable on Cuba policy, given its importance in Florida politics. Cain has assembled a strong Florida team composed of a seasoned political operatives, including senior advisor Arlene DiBenigno, a Cuban-American, who has served as advisor to four Florida Governors, several Presidential candidates, headed countless political campaigns in Florida. Working with many of this current advisors, I’m positive he must have been briefed on some hot topics in the Cuban community.

On the lighter side, when I tweeted the story on Cain’s attempt to learn how to say delicious in Spanish (“delicioso”) one fellow twitter responded that he most not see much of Dora the Explorer with his grandkids. If he did he would know the back pack songs


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