Cain Visits Miami’s Versailles, Eats Croquetas

GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain turned on the charm as he visited Miami’s Versailles Restaurant to woo Latino voters during a campaign swing through South Florida.

The Sunshine State helped raise Cain’s national presence after his straw poll victory. Now the former businessman continues to campaign in the state as he tries to strengthened his image after a series of stumbles. Florida, and its large Latino vote, is pivotal for Presidential candidate in both the primary and general election. The Miami Herald writes.

“Cain makes his first major stop at Versailles restaurant, a Little Havana nerve center for Miami-Dade’s politically active Cuban-American community, which accounts for more than 70 percent of the county’s 368,000 registered Republicans. Cain will later appear at Wings Plus in Coral Springs and then the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach.

Though the Tampa Bay media market carries the most electoral weight in a GOP primary – followed by Orlando – the Miami-Fort Lauderdale market accounts for about 13 percent of the average vote in the past four Republican primaries. The West Palm Beach media market made up another 9 percent.

South Florida can make a big difference. In 2008, John McCain rolled up an 80,000 vote margin against Mitt Romney, whom he beat by just 96,000 votes statewide.

Cain is the first of the Republican candidate this season to host a multi-city tour in South Florida. He might also attend a conservative rally Friday in Jacksonville and visit Sarasota later in the month.

Florida is fertile ground for Republicans. The unemployment and home-foreclosure rates are stubbornly higher than the nation’s.

With 29 Electoral College votes — more than 10 percent of the total needed to win the White House — Florida is the biggest swing state that President Obama is most likely to lose, according to recent polls.”

Before the scandals that have riddled his campaign, Cain’s campaign had strengthened his political team in key swing states, including Florida.

Get updates on Cain’s visit to South Florida here.


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