New Census Figures Show Higher Hispanic Poverty Rate

The Pew Research Center just reported on new U.S. Census data that provides an alternative measure of poverty “that uses a wider range of factors than the official federal measure to determine poverty status.” According to Pew:

“When the alternative measure is used, a greater share of Hispanics in 2010 lived in poverty than any other group. By contrast, when using the official poverty rate, a greater share of blacks in 2010 lived in poverty than Hispanics or any other group. Even so, no matter which measure is used, Hispanics make up nearly three-in-ten of the nation’s poor-28.6% under the official poverty measure and 28.7% under the SPM.”

Read the data from Pew Research Center here and the full report for more detailed information on the Census figures.

The new poverty data will play a role in the larger political landscape and in this election environment. No matter which group is living at a higher rate of poverty, the sad reality is that too many Americans are living under the poverty line. This is unacceptable in America, the leader of the free world. Fixing the economy and addressing poverty, should and MUST be a major issue in this election cycle.


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