Media Attacks Ted Cruz, Hispanic GOP Senate Candidate

Ted Cruz is a Latino Republican running for U.S. Senate in Texas. Yesterday, The Dallas Morning News, published false attacks on the candidate of Cuban decent, incorrectly claiming that he was not honest about his parent’s history.  The paper has already retracted their claims and issued a clarification.

Cruz has always been honest about his family’s history. At CPAC 2011 he told his family’s story. His father was tortured by Cuban Dictator Fulgencio Batista and joined Fidel Castro believing the young revolutionary would bring democratic order back to a politically unstable Cuba. Like many Cubans, Cruz’s father did not know of Castro’s Marxist-Leninist ways. After it was revealed that Castro was a Communist, the family became staunch critics of the new Cuban Dictator.

The Dallas Morning News must have been inspired by the clumsy reporting of the Washington Post‘s attacks on Marco Rubio which were debunked by The Miami Herald and Cuban history scholars.

The Texas GOP takes on the criticism on Cruz in “Like Sen. Marco Rubio, Media Bashes Texas Hispanic Senate Candidate Ted Cruz over Cuban Ancestry.

“…Fresh off the heels of bashing Marco Rubio, the liberal press is now going after another rising conservative Republican Hispanic — Ted Cruz for United States Senator from Texas. Cruz is getting Rubio’d.

Cruz is gaining strong momentum in a Senate race few thought would be competitive. He has earned praise and endorsements from nationwide conservatives and has established a formidable grassroots network across Texas. He was featured in a recent National Review cover story, which called him “the next great conservative hope” and columnist George Will called him a candidate “as good as it gets…”

This reporting once again proves how little the media understands the Hispanic community. Latinos in America make up over 50 million people hailing from about 20 various countries, different cultures, races and ethnicities. I wish the media would take more time to look over the facts before they push out baseless claims on an individual’s identity.


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