Latino Youth Struggle To Succeed

The economy and education continue to be the top issues in the Latino community. Some headlines to read, in case you missed it….

  • L.A. TIMES: Children of immigrants hit an economic ceiling (California)

    Facing a tough economy, even the well-educated Latinos find it tough to earn middle-class wages, and some end up in the farm fields where their parents toiled to give them better lives.

    Many young Americans are finding themselves worse off than their parents were at their age, without jobs or working below their skill and education levels. The unemployment rate for 16- to 24-year-olds is 17.4%, up from 10.6% in 2006.

    The situation is even tougher for children of immigrants, such as Romero. Their parents paved the way by working tough jobs so their children could get an education and secure their place in the middle class. Now, with middle-class jobs disappearing, many children of immigrants are settling for the jobs their parents did, even if they are better educated.

    “We’ve never had so many American-born working in the fields,” said Joe Del Bosque, the Central Valley farmer who hired Romero and other laborers like him to pick melons. “Farm work is usually the big step for some people to push their kids into the American Dream.” READ MORE

  • NPR:  Students Born To Illegal Immigrants Sue Over Tuition (Florida)

A class-action lawsuit has been filed in Miami by Florida residents being charged out-of-state tuition rates to attend state colleges and universities. The students are American citizens — children who were born in the U.S. to illegal immigrants — and they say Florida’s regulations violate their constitutional rights.” READ MORE


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