Rick Perry on In-State Tuition for Immigrant Students: “Tax Wasters to Tax Payers”

In New Hampshire GOP Presidential candidate Rick Perry defended his record as Texas Governor, talked about the economy and attacked his chief rival for the nomination, Mitt Romney. Addressing in-state tuition for undocumented immigrant students, an issue that has hounded him since the Florida debate, Perry said:

“Asked whether he would make different immigration laws if he had the chance, Perry said no.

“Texas had a decision to make: Are we going to kick these young people to the curb and pay for their existence in our state through social programs or some other type of government dollars — up to and including incarceration?” Perry said. “Or are we going to require that they pursue United States citizenship and pay full in-state tuition?”

Perry added, “Are we gonna create tax wasters or are we gonna create tax payers?”

Read the full story at the The Washington Post – “Perry: In-state tuition prevents immigrants from becoming ‘tax wasters’ 


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