GOP Focuses On Immigration, Hurts Chances to Win Latino Vote

When the GOP Presidential candidates stops talking about the economy, Barrack Obama gets closer to victory in 2012. That is why it’s disheartening to see the Republican presidential candidates focus more and more on illegal immigration. Politico’s Morning Score reports:

“ROMNEY TO BLAST PERRY ON IMMIGRATION-PREVIEW: The Romney camp knows that continuing to hit Perry’s Texas immigration record is a real winner for them. So as Perry returns, they plan to ratchet up criticisms. A release going out later highlights Boston’s favorite 60% statistic: “Over the past decade, the number of illegal immigrants in Texas is estimated to have grown by 60%,” spokesman Ryan Williams says in a forthcoming release, shared exclusively with Score. “Governor Perry should explain to the people of New Hampshire why he thinks their opposition to his liberal immigration policies means they ‘don’t have a heart.'”

Herman Cain made news with his statements on an electrified border fence. (He later said he was just joking.) News reports state Perry will continue to attack Mitt Romney on illegal immigration and RomneyCare.

Many feel the Republican Party has a strong opportunity to win over Latino voters who are disappointed with President Obama and the failed economy. Yet, the GOP’s renewed focus on immigration might derail any chance to attract Hispanic voters and win in 2012.

Last week, CNN reported that Democrats in Congress are considering bringing up immigration reform legislation before the end of the year. The purpose is not to pass a bill, but make immigration a political wedge issue, and make the Republican Party seem unwelcoming to immigrants and therefore Latinos.


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  1. By aiming their political shots at Latinos (couched in the term “illegals”), these candidates and the Republican Party are actually aiming to shoot themselves in the foot in regard to garnering Latino votes in 2012. This focus on scapegoating immigrants instead of focusing on jobs is catering to the xenophobic tea bag fringe, rather than to the moderate Republican tradition of Eisenhower, Earl Warren, Reagan and George W. Bush.

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