Former Soviet Citizen Confront Socialist Loving OWS

I am often boggled by people who fantasize about living in a socialist country. They talk about socialism, their idea of a perfect utopian society, as if it was a successful model of government. They think of Cuba’s failed system as a “success.”

At a recent Occupy Wall Street rally in New York a former citizen of the Soviet Union confronts two OWS protestors who are advocating socialism and Che Guevara. Watch:

I wonder if this woman, and the millions of liberals who support Che, know that their favorite Communist presided over the Cuban Revolution’s first firing squad and approve the murder of thousands more. Che founded Cuba’s labor camp system, which eventually  incarcerate and tortured gays, dissidents, and AIDS victims.

Thank you to Eyes On Freedom and Verum Serum  for the video. Read more about the real Che Guevara from author Humberto Fontova –


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  1. You tea bagger idiots are so dense that you fail to see that a mix of capitalism and socialism is without a doubt the most productive system. Sweden is a perfect example, along with the other Scandinavian countries. Socialism is government serving the public, and a big part of socialism is the responsibility to regulate capitalism to see that greed is held in check.

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