GOP Hopes to Win Latino Votes in Colorado

President Obama’s failed policies have provided Republicans in Colorado a unique opportunity to attract Latinos to the GOP.

Hispanics have become disenchanted due to Obama’s broken promises on immigration reform. Life under an Obama administration has become harder. Latinos in Colorado are dealing with 13.2 percent unemployment, well above the state average of 8.7 percent. In addition, a record number of Latino children are living in poverty, and Hispanic have been hit the hardest by the recession.

About 20% of Colorado’s population is Hispanic, and represent about 13% of the state’s eligible voters . In 2008, Obama won three out of five Colorado Hispanic voters, with over 87 percent of registered Latino voters turning out on Election Day. Yet, today many of those same Latinos don’t think Obama should be re-elected. The latest Gallup poll has President Obama’s approval rating among Hispanics down to 48%, the lowest of his presidency.

Seeing an opportunity, Republicans are mobilizing their grassroots efforts and engaging Latino voters on the issues. Many see Hispanics as a natural constituency in the GOP. “We are pro-legal immigration, pro-family, pro-entrepreneurial and pro-free-market principles,” said Madeline Rohan, Chairman of the Colorado Hispanic Republicans.

Read more at The Denver Post: “Colorado GOP outreach to Latino voters bets on voters’ disenchantment 

“…Republicans are taking a page out of the Democratic playbook and, for the first time, aggressively courting Latino voters as they organize for what will be a knock-down fight for Colorado’s nine electoral votes in November 2012.

“I recognize the political realities of the changing demographics of the state,” said Ryan Call, Colorado’s GOP state chairman, who has appointed several Latinos to his executive committee. “Reaching out to our Hispanic neighbors is absolutely critical if we hope to be successful.”

Newly formed conservative Latino groups are huddling over messages on the economy, education and immigration. National super-PACs are dumping money into Colorado’s Spanish-language radio and television stations.

And GOP operatives here are brandishing spreadsheets of dismal Latino unemployment rates by state, pointing out that, at least on paper, people are worse off now than they were four years ago…”


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