Engaging Latinos: Effective Advocacy Techniques

A growing number of Hispanics are becoming politically involved, on both sides of the aisle. In 2008, 40% of new registered voters were Latinos. Many more will join the political fold and becoming a larger voice in the upcoming Presidential election. NALEO expects the Hispanic vote will increase by 26% in 2012, casting a record-breaking 12.2 million votes.

The Hispanic Leadership Network (HLN) hopes to engage these politically minded Latinos on center-right issues and attract them to the Republican Party. The group, a spinoff of the conservative American Action Network, recently had a conference in New Mexico as part of a national effort to directly connect with grassroots Latino conservatives.

I had the pleasure of speaking at the HLN New Mexico conference (#HLNMN on twitter) on a panel titled “Effective Advocacy: Your Voice is Your Power.”  Focusing on proven techniques used by the panelist, we discussed how the attendees could use these effective advocacy techniques in their own communities.  Watch the video to see the full panel:

The panel included Jennifer Korn, Executive Director of the Hispanic Leadership Network, who moderated the panel and talked about her experience working with Latino and conservative groups for the last 20 years. Panelist Mario Rodriguez, President of California’s Hispanic 100, discussed the importance of mentoring programs and Melissa Salas Blair of the Texas Puentes Initiative, talked about issue advocacy and organizing. Andresen Blom of Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles gave examples of some of the campaigns his group has been involved with in 2010, among other efforts. My focus was on technology and the high levels of online engagement by the Latino community…

I attempted to live-blog the event here. To learn more about the HLN New Mexico conference go to: http://hispanicleadershipnetwork.org/


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