News Round-Up: Colorado, California & Alabama

A quick round-up of headlines about Hispanics and the GOP you may have missed:

Breaking down the Latino vote in Colorado and the GOP’s unique opportunity.: “In 2008, Colorado was a toss-up state — along with Nevada, New Mexico and Florida — where Latino support helped sway the election in Obama’s favor. But as the economy tumbled, the average annual unemployment rate rose to 13.2 percent for Latinos in Colorado last year, according to the state labor department. Overall it was 8.7 percent….Obama has lost Latino enthusiasm, according to a recent Gallup survey. It found that 48 percent of Hispanic voters approved of Obama’s job performance, compared with 60 percent in January.”

An interesting piece on the complicated relationship between Latinos and the GOP: “It’s been almost fifteen years since Stuart Spencer, one of the wisest and longest-serving Republican consultants on the planet, sent a memo to leaders of his party warning the GOP was in danger of committing “political suicide” and condemning itself to “permanent minority status in California” because of its relationship to Latinos….”

The implications of state-based immigration reform: “Hispanic students have started vanishing from Alabama public schools in the wake of a court ruling that upheld the state’s tough new law cracking down on illegal immigration…There are no precise statewide numbers. But several districts with large immigrant enrolments — from small towns to large urban districts — reported a sudden exodus of children of Hispanic parents.”


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