Herman Cain’s Hot Streak

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain continues to gain momentum with a series of straw poll victories over the weekend, including a win with GOP women.

Cain won 48.9 percent of the straw poll vote at this weekend’s National Federation of Republican Women Convention in Kansas City. Texas Governor Rick Perry (14.1 percent) came in a distant second place and Mitt Romney (13.3 percent) placed in third. The poll featured nine Republican presidential candidates. View full results here.

The National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) is one the largest women’s political organizations in the country. The straw poll win is Cain’s latest triumph, as he continues to gain support among GOP activists, the conservative Republican base and the Tea Party movement.

Just last month, Cain had a surprising victory at Florida’s Presidency 5 straw poll. He won 37 percent of the vote; winning more votes than the two GOP front-runners, Perry (15 percent) and Romney (14 percent), combined.

The Florida straw poll victory propelled Cain, former CEO of Godfather Pizza, to the top tier of Republican Presidential Candidates. A national poll by Fox News released last week, showed Herman Cain in third place, behind Perry and Romney.

Cain’s winning streak continued in Illinois at TeaCon 2011, the Midwest Tea Party convention held this past Saturday. Cain won first place, with 77 percent of the vote. The straw poll, which included all candidates running for the White House in 2012, put Michelle Bachmann in second place. The rest of the votes, in descending order went to Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, President Barack Obama, Jon Huntsman and Gary Johnson came in last.

The new focus on Cain likely caused a major shakeup in the campaign’s leadership team this weekend.  J.D. Gordon has been named Communication Director for the Herman Cain campaign. Gordon is a retired Navy commander, who served as a Pentagon spokesman from 2005-2009 under Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Secretary Robert Gates. He took over the Cain’s communications shop, after the abrupt resignation of Ellen Carmichael, a 2009 graduate of Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College.

Cain’s RCP average puts him in third place and he currently out performs various other GOP candidates. This is still a two man race, but now he is attempting to hold on to the “third” slot once held by Ron Paul and become a larger part of the national conversation.

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