Live Blogging at Hispanic Leadership Network

Attempting to live blog the Hispanic Leadership Network Conference in New Mexico via my iPhone. (Please excuse any typos.) Also, I will be tweeting at @BettinaInclan. Follow the conversation at #HLNNM and via the Hispanic Leadership Network’s official twitter account @HispanicLN

(9:15 am)
Rosario Marin, former U.S. Treasurer, kick off conference and welcomes large crowd to New Mexico. Introduces HLN’s Executive Director, Jenny Korn.


(9:30 am) Senator Norm Coleman of the American Action Network takes the stage and explains the purpose of HLN and hope for the organization:

“Hispanics are not just part of the American dream they are the American Dream.”

Coleman discussed shared principles between conservatives and Hispanics including commitment to faith, family and country. He also highlights economic principles, “We support low taxes because we believe you should decide how to spend your money not the government.”

“We must be more than just words,” says Senator Coleman, as he talks about the need to have a real longterm strategy to connect with Latinos. He continues to say we need to have more than just conferences, speeches and occasional newsletters. He promised a new strategy from the Hispanic Leadership Network to truly engage Hispanics nationwide.

(9:40ish am)
Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush address crowd via video.

(9:44 am)
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal takes the stage. Says he is happy to be back in New Mexico as he was last here to help Susana Martinez become Governor. VIDEO:

Jindal makes a great speech of the lessons he has learned from his parents. Big laughs from the crowd as the Governor tells stories of his immigrant parents adapting to living in America after immigrating to Louisiana from India. His parents told him every day “You are so lucky to be an American.”

His dad was laser focused on making sure Bobby Jindal got a good education. Jindal’s dad would say “I might not leave you an inheritance, or a great name, but I’ll make sure you have a great education.” This inspired Jindal to improve education in Louisiana and focus on how students are doing not how much money is spent per pupil. He highlights the possibilities of charter schools and the importance of school choice. Full video:


Governor Bobby Jindal, Jenny Korn and Senator Norm Coleman

(10:00 am)
Education panel begins. Topic is “Closing the achievement gap – How can Hispanic students succeed?” Panelist include Dr. Matt Ladner, Senior advisor on the Foundation for Excellence in Education, Paul Gessing, President  of the Rio Grande Foundation, Dr. Anna Lisa Banegas-Pena, Director of student success and Hispanic Education Liaison for the New Mexico Department of Public Education and Bill Hansen, President of Scantron.
Follow conversation on twitter at #HLNNM. Ask a question and win an iPad or signed book by Governor Jindal.

(11:oo am ish)

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval address HLN conference via pre-recorded video. In a three minute video he congratulates HLN and their efforts. He states, “I know the future success of our Party will be determined in large part by our ability to expand our coalition, and that includes working with Hispanics across the country.” Governor Sandoval says he is proud to be Nevada’s first Hispanic governor and states that we “need to encourage more Hispanic to get involved in the political process and move our nation in the right direction.”

(11:15 am)
Great panel on “Jobs and Business” with diverse panel of experts. During “speed round,” moderator Doug Holtz-Eakins, President of American Action Network, asks panelists, “Name one thing Washington D.C. can do to help the economy.” WATCH:

“All go home!” – Jon Barela, New Mexico Secretary of Economic Development

“Bring jobs back to America by firing the President.” – Massy Villareal, CEO, Precision Task Force of Texas

“Pass the free trade agreements.” – Ruben Barrales, San Diego Chamber of Commerce

A general consensus by panelist that government doesn’t create jobs, but creates the environment to help create jobs.

(12:15 pm) Break for lunch

NOTE: My apology to readers, in addition to trying to report on the event, I am also volunteering at the Hispanic Leadership Network’s conference. I am also a panelist on the 3:30 pm panel on “Effective Advocacy” discussing the power of social media.  Below is the agenda with some links to videos of the event from live stream.

PANEL: Hispanic Influence Soaring Hispanic Growth What It Means to the 2012 Election?

PANEL: Home Ownership, The Sluggish Market – Impact of the Housing Crisis on the Community.

PANEL: Effective Advocacy: Your Voice is Your Power

Jennifer Korn, Executive Director of Hispanic Leadership Network, Mario Rodriguez, Chair of Hispanic 100, Melissa Salas Blair, Texas Puente Initiative, Bettina Inclan, Conservative Latina blogger, and Andresen Blom of Latino Partnership.

Dinner with New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez



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