Congressman Diaz-Balart Endorses Thad McCotter for President in Español (UPDATE)

Former Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart endorsed Thad McCotter for President. The two served in Congress and share a strong anti-communist conviction. In a video endorsement, in Spanish, Lincoln Diaz-Balart details the reasons why he is supporting the Michigan Congressman’s bid for the Republican nomination for President. The video is prominently featured on McCotter’s new Spanish version of his website:

Lincoln Diaz-Balart opens the video discussing the important role the United States of America has played in our global history. Diaz-Balart states that he worries about the future of the America. Yet, what give him hope is that each time our nation has been in danger, a great leader has risen to save the United States of America, and that is why he has joined the Thad McCotter for President campaign. Diaz-Balart describes McCotter as a man who understands the reality of today’s threats, as well as the exceptionalism of America. He goes on to commend McCotter saying he has specific solutions to fix our economy and ensure a prosperous and free America for generations to come. The former Miami Congressman, goes on to ask others to join him in supporting McCotter for President.

Thad McCotter is only one of two GOP Presidential candidates who has a Spanish version on his campaign website. Read more: Which GOP Candidate Can Win the Latino Vote?

Even with Diaz-Balart’s support, it is unlikely the endorsement will make a difference in Florida’s primary, or in his overall bid for President. McCotter has not meet the 1% support in the polls threshold the network and other sponsors required to be included in televised debates. McCotter will not be listed in this weekend’s Florida Straw Poll or featured in tomorrow’s Fox News/Google debate in Orlando. He will speak at FL CPAC.

Well that was fast….Thad McCotter has dropped his bid for President. He will continue his efforts to be re-elected to Michigan’s 11th Congressional District.

In an email to supporters he writes:

“The time has come for the Tea Party and the Republican Party to come together to serve and save this great nation. Thus, upon having withdrawn my candidacy, I have endorsed Governor Mitt Romney to become our Republican Party’s nominee. We must unite behind the candidate best capable of defeating Barack Obama on November 6, 2012—Mitt Romney is that candidate.”


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