The Day After … Thoughts post September 11th

The National September 11 Memorial in NYC

I spent most of September 11, 2011 in airports heading East for a meeting. My cross-country trip was about nine hours long and I spent the time waiting in airports, sitting on airplanes and going through security screenings. When I safely landed in Washington D.C. friends picked me up and shared some good news about the upcoming birth of their first child.

As I got ready for bed on Sunday night and went over the events of the day I thanked God that all in all, 9/11/11 was an uneventful day. Ten years after the most horrific attack on our homeland, it stands as a tribute to our country, and its’ people, that on this historic anniversary nothing new happened. Life was normal.

People went to work. They got on planes. Parents played with their children. Friends watched Sunday football games. Across our great nation Americans stopped to remember. They read the stories, watch the tributes to the fallen and attend memorial ceremonies, and then they continued on with their lives. Americans didn’t forget, but they did move forward. More vigilant, but unafraid to enjoy another day, knowing that living a “normal” life is a victory for freedom. A win for America.

Yet, we all know freedom is not free. In a far-off land our fellow Americans fight for freedom. Thousands more work in this country and abroad, to ensure that we all can go to work, get back on a plane, watch a football game and enjoy time with our families.

I went to sleep knowing that I live in the most glorious nation the Almighty has created. With people filled with that famed “American Spirit” to fight on. To not give up! That even with our missteps we are a strong people who know tomorrow will be better because we lived through today…..we continue to breath.

Ten years ago I was a college student scared of what that terrorist attacks would mean to my loved ones and myself. Soon after, I saw many of my friends go off to war. A few months ago I was at Ground Zero on the night Osama Bin Laden was captured. It was bitter-sweet and all I can say is, God bless America, God bless our troops.


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