Another Bad Week for President Obama

Things are not getting better for President Barack Obama. New polls show continued loss in support and today’s job’s numbers show no new jobs were created in August. Unemployment remains unchanged at 9.1 %. The last time there were zero net jobs created was February 1945.

With the 2012 Presidential campaign season well on its way, and growing support for GOP candidates, the President re-election is on thin ice.  A few headlines Democrats should be worried about:

USA TODAY: Obama’s hits another low in another poll

“Voters disapprove of Obama’s performance by 52-42%, compared with 47%-46% in July, Quinnipiac reports. Among whites and men, Obama’s approval rating is in the 30s.

GALLUP: Obama Weekly Average Approval Holds at Term-Low 40%

“President Obama’s approval rating has leveled off at the low point of his presidency, averaging 40% for the third straight week. Notably, his approval rating among several groups that previously gave him strong majority support — postgraduates, Hispanics, 18- to 29-year-olds, and lower-income Americans — is now below the 50% threshold.”

HOT AIR: Poll: Perry 44, Obama 41

“For the first time this year, Texas Governor Rick Perry leads President Obama in a national Election 2012 survey…Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney currently trails the president by four percentage points, 43% to 39%. That’s a slight improvement for the Republican compared to a week ago…. A Generic Republican currently leads the president 48% to 40%.”

TIME: In His Administration’s Own Economic Outlook, Signs of Obama’s Grim Re-Election Prospects

“When the “substantial” economic “turbulence” of the last two months are considered, the administration expects the economy to grow as little as 1.7 percent in 2011 compared to last year. That is down from a rosier projection of 2.7 percent growth, made in February.”
“Economists had been expecting 93,000 new jobs last month, down from 117,000 in July. The unemployment rate stayed, as expected, at 9.1 percent. The fact that no net new jobs were added in August was yet another dose of bad news for the economy. It’s the first time since February 1945 that the government has reported a monthly net job change of zero.”
The President has been criticized for this lack of leadership on important issues, like the debt ceiling debate. He will make a major job’s speech next week, laying out his proposals at a joint session of Congress. Yet, when asked today about his thoughts on the frozen jobs numbers, the President declined to comment, instead heading to Camp David for the long weekend…

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