The Ad Wars Continue: RNC Up With New Spanish-Language Ad (UPDATED)

Today’s Politco’s “Morning Score” reports on a new round of ads by the Republican National Committee (RNC). This fourth round of ads in the RNC’s “Change Direction” campaign features a 30-second spot depicting a little girl watching the news at the end of Obama’s second term in 2017. The ad continues the RNC’s focus on the failing economy saying: “Eight years ago we were promised hope… Today many believe their American dream has been lost.”

The spot is airing in key battle ground (toss-up) states Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, North Carolina, Florida and Virginia, along with a Spanish-language radio buy in Florida focused on Hispanic voters.

During a conference call with Florida reporters, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus discussed the importance of the Hispanic vote and Florida voters. The Miami Herald reports:

“Polls show that Hispanic voters are leaving the Democratic Party “in droves,” and the DNC is afraid, said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus…”It’s clear that this president’s failed economic policies have Hispanic voters looking for a change of direction,” he said. “It’s obvious that this president, while in love with his own voice, is not in love with following through oh his promises. No matter your background, that truth is known across the country.”

In “RNC: In search of Hispanic voters and a ‘win-win’ on Florida’s GOP primary date,” The Miami Herald makes a great point on the importance of Latinos in the 2012 cycle:

“Hispanic voters seem to be shaping up to be the soccer moms and NASCAR dads of the 2012 election – both the Republican National Committee and the Democratic National Committee have been targeting Hispanic voters, particularly in Florida, with television, radio and new media ads.”

It’s clear that the GOP sees a great opportunity to discuss the policy difference between Republicans and Democrats on government spending and economics, especially in this horrible economy. They are using media buys, in English and Spanish, to hammer away on those messages.

The St. Pete Times also participated on the conference call with the RNC Chairman highlighting his comments on the economy and immigration in “Priebus says Florida will be all about economy, Obama and Hispanics“:

“I think the election’s going to be all about Barack Obama,” Priebus during a conference call with reporters to highlight new radio and TV ads in Florida. The radio ad is focused on Hispanics and the GOP says it will aggressively court the growing voter base, noting unemployment is even higher among Latinos.

Asked if the bitter battle over immigration would counter the GOP effort, Priebus said, “Not at all. It’s not going to hurt us one bit. I think that what’s going to help us is getting our economy back on track and highlighting the fact that this president has failed to deliver on any of his promises …”

The Republican group, Crossroads GPS, is also up with a new ad:



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