Off The Grid in Yosemite

I admit it, I am a nerd, a tech nerd.

I salivate hearing about the latest gadgets and new uses for technology. I’m that rude person that has their iPhone on the dinner table, always worried about the “just in case,” and gets jittery if I don’t check it at least once….Yet, every once in a while its good to unplug, to get off the grid….

This weekend, my boyfriend and I went on a spur of the moment trip to one of our favorite place on earth – Yosemite National Park.

For a few days we enjoyed hiking and camping, internet-free with no help from Google on “how to build a wood fire.” It was just us and mother nature – and about a few thousands other campers.

The highlight of the trip was the hike up to Nevada Falls, a 7 mile round-trip adventure, filled with strenuous up hill climbs, unforgettable ranging waterfalls, incredible overlooks and even rainbows. It’s an unforgettable experience.

Under the open sky on starry Saturday night, as we roasted marshmallows on the open fire, it was nice not to hear a ringtone or a television. Instead, the evening was filled with sounds of laughter, family chatter and the crackling fire from neighboring camp grounds.

I love technology because it makes it easier to “connect” and share. Yet, we should never forget to unplug and actually live life off the grid. It’s great to share pictures, it’s better to be the one taking the photos and enjoying the moment…

Can you survive a weekend with no internet?



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