Four Latinas, Four Perspectives on Obama at NCLR

President Obama aimed to woo the Latino vote and appease criticism by speaking at the National Council of La Raza’s (NCLR) National Convention. As expected, there was mixed reaction. At the Daily Grito four Latina contributors, including myself, post their thoughts.

Daily Grito Writers Sound Off on President Obama’s NCLR Speech

Here is was my reaction to President Obama’s speech:

“Latinos are feeling the pain of Obama’s failed economic policies and lack of leadership. Instead of results, President Obama is pointing fingers and asking for more time.  We don’t have more time.  We have 11.6% unemployment in the Latino community and more empty rhetoric isn’t going to change that.  We Latinos all know that President Obama can deliver a good speech, unfortunately we also know that he can’t deliver on any of his promises.”

Read more and the reaction of my fellow Latinas here –




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