Two National GOP Groups Launch Spanish Ads Targeting Latino Vote

Come this summer Latinos will be getting a lot more conservative messages in Spanish and English.

Two national Republican groups – the RNC and American Crossroads – have launched a summertime Spanish-language advertising blitz to court Hispanic voters in key presidential battleground states.

ABC Reports – “RNC, American Crossroads Target Hispanic Voters in Battleground States” :

“The Republican National Committee and independent pro-Republican group American Crossroads are simultaneously airing ads in New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada, slamming President Obama on the economy.

The RNC ad, which hits the president on unemployment, taxes, federal debt and deficit, will air on Hispanic radio in the three states, according to a committee statement. It’s expected to run concurrently with a small English-language TV buy in select media markets highlighting a similar message.

American Crossroads, a group with ties to GOP strategist Karl Rove, says it will spend more than $158,000 this week to air a Spanish-language TV ad in the same states, as well as Florida, Texas, and Washington, D.C. The ad is part of a $20 million campaign, blasting Obama on the deficit and debt.”

The ads attack President Obama on his biggest vulnerability with Latino voters- the economy. As a post in the Latino Blog, Daily Grito states: “In the absence of a huge advantage on immigration, Obama’s real vulnerability among Latino voters, as with all Americans, is on economic issues.”

In conjunction with the Spanish radio ad, the RNC launched a television ad in English hitting Obama on his failed economic policies. From a press release from the RNC:

“The Republican National Committee (RNC) released its third television ad today as part of a month-long “Change Direction” economic messaging campaign highlighting President Obama’s failed economic leadership.  The RNC will go on offense in the Southwestern states of New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada with a broadcast television buy. Acknowledging the region’s Hispanic population and 11.6 percent unemployment among Hispanics nationally, the ad will be supplemented with a Hispanic radio spot also hitting on the president’s economy.

Even David Axelrod admits the president must win the Southwest, a region Obama won in 2008 but George W. Bush won in 2004, to win reelection. President Obama will be playing defense in the Southwest and across the country because his failed economic policies, and now his insistence on raising taxes, are making the economy worse for job creators and Americans looking for jobs.

Watch the RNC English television ad here The radio ad in Spanish can be heard here



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