Ed Gillespie on Immigration

This week Ed Gillespie, Chairman of the Republican State Leadership Committee unveiled a plan to recruit over 100 Hispanic candidates through a new initiative called the “Future Majority Project.” READ MORE:

I recently saw some notes from a speech he gave in Virginia where Gillespie, former Chairman of the RNC, discusses his views on the immigration debate.

From the Ripon Society.

“In his remarks, Gillespie also pointed to another issue where Republicans needed to do a better job of connecting policy to people’s lives – immigration.

“We favor welcoming legal immigrants into this country and believe it’s a good thing,” he said. “But sometimes that policy gets lost because we’re so busy talking about keeping illegal immigrants out.

“The fact is, people who come to this country legally contribute to our society, contribute to our economy, and contribute to our culture. We have not only a right, but an obligation to secure our borders. But we also have to welcome people into our country and into our party, I would argue, as a Republican. I say that not based on any theory. I know this to be a fact.

“My father was an Irish immigrant. He came here from Ireland at the age of 9, was processed through Ellis Island, grew up in North Philadelphia in some pretty tough neighborhoods, worked as a janitor. He fought for his adopted country in World War II, won two Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star, a Silver Star, was a small business owner. He and my mother had a mom-and- pop grocery store, and he lived every Irishman’s dream — he bought his own bar. He’s a great American. We need to send a signal that we recognize and welcome these folks.”

Gillespie, who currently heads up Resurgent Republic, a policy research group that closely tracks independent voters, stated that sending this kind of signal on immigration is not just the right thing to do, but is smart politically, as well.”


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