Republican Group Unveils Hispanic Recruitment Plan

Republicans finally unveiled a plan to recruit more Latinos and minorities into the GOP, it’s called the “Future Majority Project.”  An initiative of the Republican State Leadership Committee, and its’ Chairman, Ed Gillespie, the Future Majority Project has three goals, with the first priority to recruit over 100 Hispanics candidates.

From Politico: “RSLC unveils Latino recruitment plan”

“The Future Majority Project — which also aims to recruit women and younger voters to the GOP — is a response to the country’s changing demographics, and seeks to build Republican support among minority groups at the state level, RSLC chair Ed Gillespie said Monday. The new project will work to recruit, train and support Hispanic candidates for legislative seats and attorney general and secretary of state posts across the U.S.

The FMP has three major objectives: recruit at least 100 new Hispanic legislative candidates across the country, increase the number of female Republican legislative candidates and partner with the College Republican National Committee for a national youth training and mobilization program.

Gillespie said the FMP’s top goal is connecting with Hispanic voters.

“If we don’t adapt now to changes that are taking place in the country, we will face a very different electorate in a couple cycles,” Gillespie said during a conference call with reporters.

I have always been a fan of Gillespie, who once served as chairman of the Republican National Committee. He has been a long time advocate for additional efforts to connect with Latinos.While this project isn’t a complete solution/plan in hopes of capturing the Latino vote, it’s a strong step in the right direction.


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