Young Latinos By The Numbers – Language and Technology

Understanding the Latino community can be as complex as trying to learn Spanish in one day. Thanks to fellow Latina blogger Michelle Ruiz and Telemundo, here is some interesting data on young Latinos to help comprehend the much sought after demographic.

Ruiz attended, “NBC Unidos,” where  Millie Carrasquillo, Senior Vice President of Telemundo Media Research shared data from their study “GenYLA: Generation Young Latino Americans.” The “GenYLA” study  was conducted by the Telemundo Communications Group on the current state of Young Latino Americans (YLAS), ages 18-34.

The study provides some great data on how young Latinos are mobile, technologically savvy and über connected. Some data directly from the study, Young Latino Americans (YLAS), ages 18-34:

“YLAS are the always-connected generation.

YLAS are multi-taskers. YLAS are always consuming high levels of anything technological: 94% have access to the Internet at home; 84% Have high-speed internet; and 87% stream video content, with another 73% that listen to music on the internet. Laptop ownership has taken precedence over desktop, with 73% that own a PC or a Mac.

With a huge strength in mobile usage, a high percent (87%) of YLAS cannot live without it. YLAS are great multi-taskers as many of the activities they focus on are also centered among an online environment. While a majority they told us they eat while watching television (80%), they also text (61%), talk on the phone (60%) and surf the web (50%).”

Below I posted some great notes taken by Ruiz. Statistics on Latinos pulled from Ruiz’s full post: What You Need to Know About Latinos Aged 18-25 and Why It’s Critical to Your Business

  • When describing themselves as Latinos, they use country of origin (Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, etc)
  • Describe themselves in this order: Country of origin, American, then Latino
  • 62% of Hispanics are born in the U.S.
  • Demonstrate fluidity in language and slide back and forth between Spanish, English and Spanglish – primarily speak Spanish at home and with family, and English at work, school and with friends.
  • Live bilingual, bicultural lifestyle
  • Demonstrating Retro Acculturation – Rediscovering their roots. Children often trigger that Latino re-awakening. Highly embracing their heritage. What they do, how they eat, is derived from their country of origin even if U.S. born.
  • Describe themselves as having an equal mix of Latino and American (non-Hispanic/Latino) friends.
  • All about media and technology. Do everything through their phones. Most don’t have a landline. Want their friends and family to be able to reach them 24/7. Huge multi-taskers – for example: watching programing, on computer, texting, and studying all at the same time.
  • Music playlists for the most part equally divided in both languages.
  • Females – describe themselves as modern, independent achievers. In order of importance: Higher Education, Career, Marriage, and then Children.
  • Males – In order of importance:  Family, Friends, Career, then Marriage.
  • Hispanics are changing Landscape of Television:  Telenovela “La Reina del Sur” a blockbuster and attracting a very large young bilingual audience.
  • Watch programming in both languages but in social media,  speak, engage and converse in English
  • Take away about language: “Don’t choose for me. Let me choose.”



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