SURVEY: Young Latinos Favor Limited Government, Reduced Spending

The Washington Examiner reports on a new survey stating young Latinos, ages 18 – 29, favor a more fiscally conservative message, which includes reduced government spending and decreased regulation of business.

Thanks to Google + and friend Samuel Rosado I saw this new data on young Latinos political leanings and it started an interesting conversation on the lack of GOP efforts, as well as failures by the Democrats. The reality is the GOP should be inspired by this information and finally implement a real program to engage Hispanics. A program that includes connecting with Latinos on a cultural level, engaging directly with the community, promoting GOP talent and recruit strong Hispanic candidates /surrogates.

Read more from the Washington Examiner: “New survey finds young Hispanics open to conservative values”

“The survey, which has a four percent margin of error (plus or minus), interviewed 600 people was conducted April 16-22 by Kellyanne Conway’s the polling company inc./Women Trend survey firm for Generation Opportunity, a recently launched conservative activist group that aims to educate and mobilize young Americans about the economic challenges facing their generation.

Among the results were these:

• By nearly a 3:1 ratio, Hispanic young adults prefer “reducing federal spending” (69%) to “raising taxes on individuals” (27%) in order to balance the federal budget.

• 70% of Hispanic young adults would decrease federal spending if given the chance to set America’s fiscal priorities.

• A 57%-majority of Hispanics agree that “if taxes on business profits were reduced, companies would be more likely to hire.”

• In a separate question, a 56%-majority concurred “the economy grows best when individuals are allowed to create businesses without government interference.”

The survey results are more proof that young Latinos, much like the rest of the Hispanic population, are respective to the Republican message, especially when it includes individual rights, free markets and limited government. 
The findings of this latest poll are not surprising, as various studies have shown Latinos tend to be politically conservative. The Public Policy Institute of California in September of 2010 said likely Latino voters “identify as politically conservative.” Resurgent Republicanshave various polls showing Latinos with fiscally conservative views on the economy and spending. A poll commissioned by The Board of Hispanic Caucus Chairs found that the more than half of Texas Hispanic identify as conservative.


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