Obama’s Campaigns for the Latino Vote: WH Hispanic Policy Conference

As of June 2011, Obama has lost 30% of Hispanic support.

Yesterday, President Obama kicked off a two day political White House Policy Conference aimed at engaging the Latino community… The White House called the event an “opportunity to interact with federal policy makers on the issues that matter most to Hispanics and all Americans, including creating jobs and strengthening the economy, expanding access to affordable and quality health care, reforming our nation’s education system, protecting civil rights, and fixing the broken immigration system so that it meets our nation’s 21st century economic and security needs.”

Monday’s event was hosted at the White House and promoted to activists with a live video feed. Check out the feed and more at Hispanicly Speaking. Today’s event is being held at Department of Health & Human Services.

The real purpose of the event is to try to stop the bleeding – Obama’s support among Latino voters has decreased significantly since his election in 2008. A recent Gallup poll states that President Obama only hold a 52% approval rating about Hispanics (June 2011). That is a drop from 73% in December 2009.

The Daily Caller had an interesting piece on the Conference: DC: Obama huddles with Hispanic groups to woo support for 2012 race. His weakened support can spell trouble for the Democrats whose campaign strategy is to build on 2008 success and win in Hispanic heavy swing states like Florida, Virginia, and Nevada.

Fellow Latina Republican, Leslie Sanchez, was quoted in the piece, and hit the nail on the head:

“Hispanics can recognize Obama’s manipulation of the immigration issue, said Leslie Sanchez, a Hispanic-outreach official for former President George W. Bush, and a board member of the GOP-affiliated polling firm, Resurgent Republic. “It is a dated approach to think you can only speak to the Hispanic community about immigration reform to earn their vote,” she said.


The schedule is as follows http://t.co/MZLgb5A President Obama is not on the official scheduled for the event though he is expected to attend.

Here are some updates:

video from the opening session. thoughts??

From Alex Menendez of the Daily Grito: http://dailygrito.com/alicia-menendez/2011/07/11/todays-white-house-hispanic-policy-conference/



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