Florida Republicans Push For Early Primary

As the 2012 Presidential race continues to inch closer, states continue to fight for supremacy, and political relevancy, including important swing-state Florida. For months the Sunshine State has been debating the idea of an earlier primary, but now it looks like Florida will hold its 2012 GOP presidential primary on March 1, 2 or 3, (a Thursday or Saturday). The move is an attempt to have an early primary status without violating RNC rules too brazenly.

St. Petersburg Times Political Editor Adam Smith writes:

“That would make it the fifth nominating contest – after Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina – but would still run afoul of rules set by the Republican National Committee. ‘I think that’s where it will end up,’ Gov. Rick Scott said, referring to those first few days in March …

Plenty of factors could push Florida’s primary earlier than March, including other states setting early primaries. Several, including Arizona, Michigan, Georgia and Wyoming, have been looking at that option.”

The controversial move can create an interesting situation, given the 2012 Republican National Convention will be held in Tampa, Florida. Under the current rules, if Florida moves up the primary, it could mean the host state would have to cut their own delegation, from around 110 die-hard Republicans to only  55 delegates at the convention.

Politico reports “The problem is that voting on March 1 is a violation of RNC rules in the same way that voting on Jan. 31 is. But some Florida Republicans — like [Florida Senate President Mike] Haridopolos — hope that they’ll win leniency for their delegates at the 2012 convention by only flouting the primary calendar by a few days.”

Some feel the risk is worth the political reward – Read More: Florida Republican leaders push for early 2012 presidential primary date, despite threat from RNC.



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