Nobel Laureate Mario Vargas Llosa Rejects Socialism, Castro

Nobel Laureate, Mario Vargas Llosa was once a left leaning artist, but after witnessing the evil regimes created by government socialism, he is now one of the world’s most important free market advocates.

“I went five times to Cuba in the 60’s and then I started to discover reality was not the image that I had, that I wanted to have, of the Cuba revolution….”

Those that experience socialism quickly realize that the Utopian society that it hopes to create is only an idealistic notion, unlikely to exist in reality. Those who have attempted to create a “utopian vision” have established “brutal and criminal regimes,” as witnessed by Vargas Llosa.

The video by Atlas “Letters to Castro: Nobel Laureate Mario Vargas Llosa Rejects Socialism” tells Vargas Llosa story of political transformation. After several trip to the communist island of Cuba and to the Soviet Union he realized that socialism  means oppression. Instead of equality, many faced concentration camps, brutality, incarceration and some, death…

h/t to Matthew Szewczyk at Atlas Economic Research Foundation for sharing this video.

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  1. Cuba is a country with one of the lowest rates of infant mortality and lowest rates of illiteracy in comparison to the “advanced” western countries.

    Cuba has one of the best health care systems in the world, rated much higher than the United States.

    Cuba’s universities and medical schools are among the best in the world. Students from all over the world graduate from Cuban medical schools and pay nothing for that top notch education just as Cubans do not pay for their education. Is Cuba a perfect society? No. Is the US a perfect society?

  2. Great video.

    Thehealer31, you forgot to mention that the PC you used to type your comment would have been illegal for the average Cuban to own until 2008. So were cell phones and DVDs.

    Heritage ranks Cuba as the third least free country in the world. Only Zimbabwe and North Korea are ranked as more repressive.

    No thanks.

  3. Anything that a right-wing group like The Heritage Foundation says about Cuba is irrelevant because of the politics that they espouse, they are not capable of being objective in any manner regarding Cuba.

    As I said earlier, Cuba is not a perfect society but it also not the evil, hell hole that it is portrayed to be by a conservative like Vargas Llosa, by the US corporate media and by right-wing think tanks.

    There’s plenty of useful information available about Cuba.

    Being well informed is always an option.

  4. TheHealer you are pointing to another example of where “perception” does not match reality… Just because Cuba reports to have universal health care and education, does not make it so.

    My aunt died of gangrene in Cuba, though her son was a Doctor, because they didn’t (and wouldn’t) treat her broken hip. Her son the Doctor realized how corrupt and brutal Cuba’s socialist regime and rejected Communism, in retaliation the Cuban dictatorship let her die and wouldn’t let him help her.

    Family and friends in Cuba constantly ask for basic medicines like aspirin, because the government bureaucracy will not provide it to them. Here are some pictures of Cuba’s health care system-

    While they provide free education, you must be pre-approved and there is nothing free about it. You should take time to learn about “Cuban education” before you start preaching its greatness…

    They say you can tell the greatness of a country by its’ people… In Cuba people sacrifices their lives to leave, not to get in….

    My grandfather was a political prisoner in Cuba, serving 13 years of a 25 year sentence. His crime, he didn’t want to be part of the Communist Party. He wanted to practice his faith and think for himself… in turn he was severely tortured and separated from his family…. I would invite you to talk to him but the years of abuse and oppression claimed his life a few years ago, but at least he died in America, a free man.

    God bless the people of Cuba and for a real Free Cuba!

  5. Bettina,

    I’ve been to Cuba. Twice.

    Have you been to Cuba?

    I’ve been fortunate to have traveled to the beautiful island and seen it up close.

    So, I don’t have to rely on right-wing websites & commentators to tell me what it is like in Cuba.

    After engaging with lots of Cubans in Cuba, the truth is, no matter how much you dislike it, the majority of Cubans support the Revolution.

    I’ve seen it with my own eyes & heard it with my own ears.

    The US government has waged a full scale political & economic war on Cuba for almost 60 years now, a war you fully support, I’m sure.

    Despite that, the Cuban people have persevered and defended their Revolution.

    Cuba, despite its own internal problems, continues to be a Territorio Libre de las Americas.

    It’s the Cuban people in Cuba that will continue to shape their political destiny not the right wing Cuban colony in the United States.

    That’s the way its been, the way it is today and the way it will continue to be.

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