Happy Independence Day USA!

Happy Independence Day!.. Wishing you all a very Happy 4th of July!… In honor of our nation’s birthday, here are some fireworks. Thanks to FamousDC.com for sharing.

VIDEO: Independence Eve Fireworks Time-Lapse @ National Harbor from Bryant on Vimeo.

It is on day’s like these, we should all remember how lucky we are to be Americans. As a child of two immigrants, I am especially thankful for the blessings found in this country.

America gave my mother, and family, shelter when Communism took over her native home of Cuba. America helped rescue my grandfather from a life of torture and political oppression, getting him out of Cuba’s political prison.

It was American technology and advancement in medicine that detected my father’s cancer early and has kept him healthy. If he would have been back in his native Mexico, he might have suffered the fate of his brother, who unfortunately didn’t realize he had the same type of cancer until it was too late, and it claimed his life.

There are a million reasons I am thankful for this country and why I proudly call myself an American…. endless opportunities, freedom, education….

Thank you to our military men and women who keep this country safe and protect our freedoms. Thank you to the millions of regular Americans who work to ensure this country’s greatness….

Happy Birthday America and thank you!



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