U2’s Bono Dedicates Song to Dr. Biscet and a Free Cuba (UPDATED)

U2’s Bono stood up for democracy in the communist island of Cuba last night when he recognized and dedicated a song to Cuban pro-democracy leader Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet.

During a concert in Miami’s Sun life Arena on Wednesday night, Bono, known for his political and human rights efforts, energized this South Florida fans as he honored Dr. Biscet, a former political prisoner who has been fighting for Freedom for the oppressed Cuban people. Bono mentioned Dr. Biscet during the song “Walk On,” asking the audience to let everyone know in Cuba that Dr. Biscet “is special to us, and we are watching.”

Capitol Hill Cuban’s blog writes:

“On a stage filled with Amnesty International candles, he dedicated a song to Dr. Biscet’s struggle for freedom, asked everyone to raise their hands in solidarity and proclaimed, “one day soon Cuba will be free.”

Watch the moving tremendously moving video clip:

The Miami Herald reports Bono recently met with Republican Florida Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart, who is Cuban-American

UPDATED: I incorrectly wrote that the concert was held at the Miami’s American Airlines Arena, using the Associated Press and the Miami Herald as a source. (AP: Bono gives shout-out in Miami to Cuban dissident.)  A reader, Jose Gomez, corrected me today informing me that the concert venue was the “Marlin’s Stadium” aka Sun Life Stadium. Thank you Jose for the correction. 


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  1. the concert was not at american airlines arena, it was at the Marlin’s stadium. Get the facts first before spreading wrong news

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