VIDEO: President Obama in Puerto Rico

The Associated Press created this video on President Obama’s short trip to Puerto Rico. The President did a quick speech to a large Puerto Rican crowd and spent three hours fund-raising on the island. Here is some reaction from Puerto Ricans on the island.

Check out the Orlando Sentinel’s for the video and they ask: Today’s Buzz: Does Obama deserve Hispanics support?

On Tuesday Barack Obama became the first U.S. president to pay an official visit to Puerto Rico in 50 years. The trip was a way for the president to appeal for support from Puerto Ricans and other Hispanics, especially in states where they are concentrated, like Florida. Hispanics are a fast-growing voting bloc coveted by both parties. Does Obama deserve support from Hispanics for advocating immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants? How should he rate with them on other issues, including his management of the economy? Should Hispanics even look at him differently than other Americans? What do you think? Talk about it!

Click here to add your comments to the Orlando Sun Sentinel

Here is the Link:


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