Road Trip Day 5: Making Dad’s Dreams Come True

Today, on Day 5 of the road trip, the goal is to make some of my Dad’s childhood dreams come true.

My father is a HUGE Old West fan. Growing up his heroes included the Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers and Gene Autry. He has told me of stories of reading countless comic books, watching hours of television shows and spent countless afternoons dreaming of these Western legends when he was growing up in Mexico.  He even dressed the part, and LOVED Western style clothing.

Can you find my dad in this picture below:

During our first road trip, we headed North and spent time in South Dakota and Wyoming finding some great Wild West history.

This time we are in Arizona and headed to some famous Old West towns… any one want to guess what is our next destination?

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  1. Front row, third to the right of the gentleman sitting in the chair?

    I like the hat your dad bought. It’s so big, I guess it gets it’s own seat in the car 🙂

  2. Thanks Scott.. yup my dad is the kid in the Western shirt in the front row… He was very excited about today’s destination, Tombstone, Arizona, the legendary spot of the OK Corral. I think he took like 200 pictures…. The hat was a “sensacion” as well, when he wasn’t chasing after it because the wind blew it off his head, he got a lot of compliments interestingly enough.

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