Road Trip Day 4: Driving West and Still No Longhorns

At 5 am Central Time the iPhone alarm woke my father and I up to tackle Day 4 of the road trip. We knew that on this morning, Wednesday, was going to be a very long driving day. The night before we changed plans and decided not to RON (rest over night) in El Paso, TX as I was way too nervous about the situation occurring in Juarez, Mexico. Instead, we decided to take on the West and haul ourselves over to Arizona to be closer to the motherland of all road trip destinations – The Grand Canyon.

For over 14 hours we drove West on 1-10, stopping in small towns along the way to rest and gas up my jeep. The hot, bone dry summer air felt like a vacuüm on my skin, stripping it of any moisture. We must have had a gallon of water trying to keep hydrated as the direct sun tanned our skin through the car windows.

While the drive was long, it was enjoyable as we breezed through the beautiful South West country side driving through desert, farms and cattle ranches. To my father’s disappointment he still did not find any Texas Longhorn Cattle. Not one… We joked it was much like our first road trip two summers ago when I all I wanted to find was wild buffalo and the closest I got was Buffalo burgers in Wall, South Dakota. … I got my father a postcard of a Texas Longhorn, at least this way he can see it up close. 🙂

As we traveled West passing through usually overlooked towns nestled in the mountains, I felt that I was in Cars, the Disney cartoon movie. At one time the main highway ran through these tiny pieces of civilization, but now the only thing you can see is the rust building on the old gas station and adjacent abandoned restaurant signs.

Yet, most of the drive was just the amazing views of the America South West. Here are some shots from the drive.

In El Paso, Texas… With a few of Mexico:

Somewhere in New Mexico:

As we drove from New Mexico into Arizona we could see smoke in the distance. Here is a picture of what we later realized was horrible wildfires devastating the area. The Monument Fire has scotched hundred of thousands of acres.


We finally arrived in Tucson, Arizona at about 6:00 pm Pacific ST. … Next up, we are making Dad’s dreams come true and visiting some Wild West Towns.


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