Road Trip Day 1: Dad, Me and The Longest Drive Ever!

On Sunday, my Dad and I started our road trip adventure out west. We departed from Miami a little bit before 6:00 am. The sun had yet to rise, but our journey was well on its way.

Yet, for most of the day our adventure was well, unadventurous. For 13+ hours we trekked in my 2008 jeep accumulating over 1,000 miles from Florida to Louisiana.  Driving north on the Florida turnpike can be a boring and unexciting path. We both felt like it was the longest car ride EVER and with little progress made as getting out of Florida took over 10 hours. Our only excitement came from the road signs telling us we were getting closer to our destination.

Driving on I-10 West we finally made it to our “Day One” destination – New Orleans.

As we got off the expressway and made our way to our hotel on Canal Street, my Dad’s face lit up like a child on Christmas when he saw the streetcars. He shouted “¡Mira los tranvias!” pointing ot the line of streetcars jetting up and down the road. They reminded him of his childhood in Mexico when he would go into the big city of Veracruz, which was once busy with cable car traffic, the main form of public transportation.

We jumped on the St. Charles streetcar to see NoLa’s Garden District and historic homes. Coincidentally, I ran into a D.C. reporter I’ve worked with on past campaigns who was on vacation with her husband…. When the streetcar got stuck behind a car accident we (including the reporter, her husband and two very lost Texans) all had a mini-adventure trying to find our way back to Canal street by foot. Thank goodness, my iPhone and google maps saved the day!!!

We knew we were heading in the right direction by the joyous sound of music filling the streets.  We were quickly greeted by street performers and fellow camera toting tourists as we made our way to Bourbon Street in hopes of finding some dinner.


As expected, once in the French Quarters my Dad started taking pictures like if he was paid member of the paparazzi as tried to meander down the crowded streets. We got dinner at and before long we called it a night (especially after seeing the Miami Heat loss).

I knew traveling with a former school bus driver, who is use to getting up at 4 am, we would have an early wake up call. Before the sun was up, we were getting ready to go for day two.

Taking advantage of the morning we squeezed in some last minute sightseeing in New Orleans. First stop, Jackson Square.


We are now back on the road and I’m blogging this on my iPhone trying to document this adventure. Till next time.



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