On The Road Again: Roadtrip with Dad Part 2, Day 1

In just a few short minutes my father and I will embark on our second cross-country road trip. Departing from Miami, Florida we will travel West on the open road for the next week.

In 2009 in The Bad Lands in South Dakota

Two summers ago, in 2009, my father and I did a similar trip, traveling from D.C. to California stopping in places like Mount Rushmore, Chicago and Salt Lake City. This time around we make our way through Louisiana, Texas and the Grand Canyon.

It is safe to say that my father is beyond excited. My dad is a Mexican immigrant who came to this country when he was 33 years old. His lightly tanned skin is from years of growing up on a farm in a tiny town in Veracruz, Mexico. Armed with several cameras for the road trip, he often says on our travels to that he never imagined seeing so much wonder in America. A retired school bus driver, he doesn’t mind driving, which makes him an excellent road trip companion.

It is a unique experience traveling with a parent as an adult. I think you appreciate your time together much more. I am much more thankful for my father as I enter my third decade of life and treasure moments with him much more, especially now. In 2008 my father was told he had cancer in his liver. For the last two years he has undergone chemo treatment and thank the Lord it has been successful. Currently he has no cancer in his liver, and we hope it stays that way.

I look forward to my time with my dad on this road trip and making long-lasting memories. I hope that all people take time in their lives to make special memories with their loved ones. It’s not always easy to carve out the time, but it is what makes life worth living.

Hopefully during this week long adventure I will post pictures and tweet from @BettinaInclan on Twitter. Look forward to reading your comments.


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