Left Losing Hold on Latino Voters

Republicans are gaining ground with the crucial Latino swing vote with the help of a growing number of Hispanic Republicans.

In the 2010 election cycle various Latino candidates gained national attention with their electoral victories including Governor Sandoval of NV, Governor Martinez of NM and Senator Marco Rubio- all of them are Republican.

The GOP has been better at recruiting and supporting qualified Latino candidates. Democrats are worried they are loosing Latino support, and they should be. Many in the Hispanic community want to see more Hispanic representation and Latino Dems are wondering why they aren’t getting the needed support from their Party.

The L.A. Times A1 writes:

“Left is losing its hold on Latinos: Democrats need to do more if they want to counter GOP gains, strategists say,” by Mark Z. Barabak: “Brian Sandoval and Susana Martinez made history. He became Nevada’s first Latino governor. In New Mexico, she became the country’s first Latina governor. … Both are Republicans. For many in the GOP, the twin victories last November, along with the election of Sen. Marco Rubio in Florida, marked an important step in efforts to mend the party’s frayed ties with Latino voters, which have suffered over the last several years of hard-line talk on immigration. For Democrats, the election of the three was something else: a warning sign at a time when Latino support has grown increasingly vital to the party’s success, especially in the battleground states of the Rocky Mountains and desert Southwest. …[T]he Democratic Party … has, in particular, not done enough to help Latino candidates move from city council, legislative and congressional seats to the party’s highest elected offices.” ….

“Nothing sells the message that Hispanics are welcome and wanted more readily than having Hispanics on the ticket,” said former New Mexico GOP Chairman Harvey Yates, who played a major role in Martinez’s success.

Read the full L.A. times story here http://lat.ms/jIwTdk

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