From The Makers of The Shark Tank Comes Hispolitica

Today, Javier Manjarres, the managing editor of The Shark Tank, today launched a new site, Hispolitica. The news video driven site aims to provide a fresh perspective on politics and culture…

from the site:

HISPOLITICA seeks to influence the political debate within the Latino community as well as in the country at large.   First and foremost, We believe that the overwhelming majority of Latinos live and embrace conservative values- hard work, self reliance, belief in God, respect for life, and have an increasing distrust of expansive government that seeks greater control over their private economic activity.

During the 2010 election campaign, Democrat Senator Harry Reid shamefully commented that “I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican.” It is precisely this kind of soft bigotry and ignorance that we believe needs to be confronted.  Memo to Harry Reid- Latinos and Hispanics can think for themselves– and it is not you or the Democrat Party who knows what is best for them; rather it is individuals who happen to be of Latino descent that already know what is in their best interests and can form their own political opinions accordingly without your ill-informed advice.

Latinos are not only American citizens that are successfully assimilating within this country, they are rising the corridors of power- most notably from within the Republican Party. Governors Susana Martinez of New Mexico and Brian Sandoval of Nevada, as well as Senator Marco Rubio are testament to that reality….

read more at:

Make sure to check it out and sign up for the site. I’m sure that Javier, who won CPAC’s blogger of the year for The Shark Tank, will be producing an amazing site with Hispolitica…



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