Planning Out My Road Trip West (PICTURES) – Suggestions??

Next week, I embark on my third cross-country road trip. My father will once again join me as my fellow road warrior. This time we depart from Miami, Florida with the final destination of Northern California. I will be tweeting (and hopefully blogging the 7 day trip) with Papa Inclan.

We are tentatively scheduled to make stops in New Orleans, Houston, Hidalgo, San Antonio, El Paso, Tombstone, Phoenix, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Las Vegas…. What do you think? I would love some suggestions for places to visit in these cities and places along the day…

Papa Inclan during road trip #1 at the Badlands in South Dakota

Papa Inclan is very excited about the trip. In February he retired as a school bus driver and now spends time working in his workshop. He misses driving, and like any father is excited about spending time with his kids. While Papa Inclan has toured every corner of his homeland of Mexico, before our first road trips in 2009 he had only been to Florida (where he resides) and Michigan in the 30 years he has lived in the U.S.

I want to make it a great trip for Papa Inclan. A few things to know about him, he loves Westerns and anything from the Old West. His greatest love (besides his family) is baseball, baseball and baseball. He is the strong and silent type and doesn’t leave home without a large camera (picture of Papa Inclan posted above).

Here are some more pictures from our road trip in 2009: click on the link for more photos….

in South Dakota
in the Bad Lands in South Dakota
very excited to see western "stuff"
candid photo my dad took at Mt. Rushmore
in Wyoming enjoying the Western Museum


  1. Monument Valley, not Mountain Valley. It’s kind of out of your direct road, in southern Utah. If your timetable will allow it your Dad will love it. It’s where John Wayne did “Stagecoach” in ’39, the movie that brought him from “B” movie status to A list film star. It’s some of the most grand country in the nation and, for a lover of westerns a sight that will live in memory forever.

    If you don’t make it this trip, make it your next. The same end point, the Pacific Ocean but a slightly more northern route. Say, St. Louis, Joplin (poor Joplin!), Through Oklahoma, the Texas Panhandle, Tucumcari, Albuqurque, Flagstaff, then up to the Grand Canyon, then up into Utah. Monument Valley is on one of the Navaho Reservations. Again, your Dad would love that. Then go up on the Green River to the Interstate for a short jog and take the Highway 6 cutoff over the Soldier summit to Provo, through Salt Lake City ’til you hit Interstate 80 and blow through Reno, ‘cross Donner Summit, down out of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Gold Rush Country, through the Central Valley and Sacramento, and end up in San Francisco.

    In other words, you’ll be on the “Mother Road”, Rt.66 (I-40) from OKC to Flagstaff, then meander up until you hit I-80. I can promise you that no matter how much time you budget for this trip you’ll wish you had more time. You will NEED to drop of the main highway several times. Just to see things. I’ve made several trips through and have always taken extra time to go through Utah. Beautiful country. I’m sure there is something ugly in Utah, I just never saw it. Oh, and the Sierra Nevada Range! It’s a damned shame what the left has done to California. See it before the whole ediface collapses.

    1. Yes… Monument Valley is one of the top places to go on my list… My father loves country westerns and I know that they have used the beautiful landscape in various movies..

      thanks for the tip!

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