Celebrating Fleet Week and a Happy Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day… while most of America is shopping, getting ready for BBQ and celebrating the start of the summer to take a moment to remember the true reason for this day – our fallen soldiers.

We decided to spend most of the day on the U.S.S. Intrepid in NYC. Remember, if you have a chance, thank members of our military and veterans for all they have done! It is because of their sacrifices, and those of their fallen soldiers, that we have our freedom.

Thanking a WWII Veteran

If you have never heard of Fleet Week in New York City, you don’t know what you are missing!! Fleet Week, which coincides with Memorial Day, is a tradition of the United States Navy, United States Marine Corps and United States Coast Guard to allow recently deployed military service members some needed R&R in the Big Apple. Right next to the USS Intrepid several military ships dock and anyone can tour the ships for free. SEE EVENTS

As a current New Yorker I have enjoyed meeting and taking my picture with our brave solders. Here are some pictures from Fleet Week.

Fleet Week in the Upper West Side


late night during Fleet Week
Blurry picture of Fleet Week military members by drunken musician
Fleet Week festivities
with members of the U.S. Navy during Fleet Week
Memorial Day service on the USS Intrepid

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