Obama’s Latino Strategy: Words Over Actions

President Barack Obama and the Latino vote in 2012….My general feeling is that Barack Obama is a better campaigner then a President. His strength has always been the power of his words, not the impact of his actions. In 2012, Obama is banking that he can once again court Hispanics with what he says, not what he does.

I recently spoke with Alexis Simendinger, White House Correspondent for RealClearPolitics for her story, “Wooing Latinos, Obama Banks on Words, Strategy Over Actions.” She writes:

“…Obama has accepted lessons from 2008, chiefly the importance of directly and respectfully reassuring the Hispanic community that its concerns — including jobs, education, immigration and health care — are his concerns. While the GOP presidential field shakes out, the president is making his pitch for four more years…

Latinos are now the largest U.S. minority, making 16 % of the nation’s population. If the GOP wants to win back the White House, they will need to focus on Hispanic voters in 2012 battleground states like — Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, North Carolina and Virginia (all won by Obama 2008) and not forget to connect with growing Latino populations in traditional Republican strongholds such as Texas, Arizona and Georgia.



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